On Test Taking

_DSC0819You must accept that you might fail; then, if you do your best and still don’t win, at least you can be satisfied that you’ve tried.  If you don’t accept failure as a possibility, you don’t set high goals, you don’t branch out, you don’t try- you don’t take the risk.      ~Rosalynn Carter

I have been studying, procrastinating and ultimately working on the next step in my career’s evolution. It is coming down to just a few short days when I have to take an exam that will decide if I get credentials after my name or not.  It’s all on me now and I sit here typing about test taking because I SUCK at tests! Multiple choice tests (to me anyway) means that many answers fit in my way of thinking!  I have the hardest time narrowing down options on multiple choice.

Things that I don’t do well when taking tests are as follows:

  1. Studying
  2. Preparing
  3. Sticking to a schedule
  4. Applying my given knowledge on the question in a way that makes sense to the test maker
  5. Understanding what the question is really asking
  6. Selecting the most fitting of the choices given to make the right choice
  7. Taking my time and going back over my answers to ensure I read and decided right
  8. Relaxing and not getting worked up about having to take a test
  9. Staying calm–tests make me stress!

I signed up for the exam I am about to take over a year ago.  I bought the reading materials (well, my company bought them) and I have since re-scheduled the exam over 5 times!  I ended up paying out of pocket 100 bucks to move my exam to a new testing window due to my procrastination in hopes that I would have more time to really energize and focus my attention to a test which I am certain I will fail at as I SUCK at taking tests!

It finally came down to paying the extra money out of my own pocket and picking the VERY LAST date that the new test window would allow and then starting to really focus and study.  I have tried to read the books that came with the prep kit for the exam, (which are non-sense!) to taking and re-taking online tests just to figure out how the hell they want me to answer a given question because they are worded so ridiculously!  Then going back over my exams and studying the questions I have failed so I can hopefully remember how they were supposed to be answered and REALLY hoping that all the tests I have taken are some how similar to those that will be on the formal test I am about to take next week.

I never liked tests.  I learn best by doing, not reading about it, so why in the world do we make people try to fit in the pigeon hole called EXAMS!  I have been through college, received a Bachelor’s Degree and actually received dean’s list status several times while in college and graduated with a 3.33 GPA.  Then I entered the workforce in my field of study and really started learning!  I have over 10 years under my belt in my chosen profession.  But when I think of the test that is coming up I feel like an utter idiot!  Check the right fuckin box folks…otherwise you are a stupid fucking failure!  Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel today and hell, to be honest each time I take a blasted exam/test!

There should be a hands on portion of life called the “Real Test”.  One where you don’t have to check the box.  One where you can show how you apply your life’s knowledge to a given situation and what you have been able to change or make happen because of your persistence and drive to succeed.  Who decided what answer is right anyway?  Who said that knowing “this” point is the one that will decide if you are a knowledgeable professional anyway?  Life itself is a test.  There are many right answers!  There are many wrong ones as well! All I have gotten out of the studying I have done for taking a test is learning what those test makers are looking for in their answering criteria.  Not my profession.  That really has to be learned hands on.  With all the available resources at one’s disposal in todays technological age a test is one of the (IF NOT THE MOST) BIGGEST wastes of ones time.

So who knows what will happen next week.  I tried. That’s all that counts.  Right?



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